Heart Tombstones: #1 Symbol of Everlasting Love

heart tombstones

The Symbolism of Heart Tombstones From ancient civilizations to modern times, the heart symbol has consistently represented one of the deepest and most profound human emotions: love. In the context of tombstones, heart symbols take on a more poignant meaning. Heart tombstones, as the name suggests, are gravestones carved or shaped like hearts. They not…

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Wave Tombstones: A Blend of Artistry and Memorial

Wave Tombstones

Let’s talk wave tombstones. When we think of tombstones, we usually envision the traditional stone slabs with inscriptions that have been the standard for centuries. These markers have served as timeless tributes to the departed, each telling a story of a life lived. However, as with many things in our ever-evolving world, even these sacred…

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Slope Tombstones: A Unique Homage to the Departed

Slope Tombstones

In the vast realm of burial customs and memorial architecture, one unique design stands out – the slope tombstone. Unlike the typical upright headstones we often associate with gravesites, slope tombstones present a distinct look, rich in symbolism and design elements.   But what exactly are these markers, and why might someone choose one over more…

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Flat Tombstones: A Subtle Tribute to the Departed

flat tombstones

When we think of cemeteries, the first image that often comes to mind is rows upon rows of upright headstones, with their carved angels and large lettering. These monumental markers stand tall against the horizon, proclaiming the presence of the deceased to the world.  Yet, not all grave markers are designed to be seen from…

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